Nashville’s Most Romantic Restaurants For Valentine’s Day

Voted one of Nashville’s most romantic restaurants for Valentine’s day (or any date night), Forbes highly recommends etc. for your romantic needs. Enjoy the romantic atmosphere among funky light fixtures, striking electric blue, copper and glass accents, and warm woods. Read more here.

Chef Deb Paquette Offers Cooking Classes!

Beloved Chef Deb Paquette Offers Cooking Classes! Fresh from her seventh annual trip to the Super Bowl as part of the Taste of the NFL Party with a Purpose, Deb Paquette is launching yet another initiative to improve the Nashville community. Read more here.

Neighborhood Watch: Green Hills

etc. Restaurant may use small letters in its name, but the flavors are big, thanks to the talents of Deb Paquette in the kitchen. Click here to view the article.

The Best Brunch in Your Nashville Neighborhood

At Etc., the ambiance is classy, and the plates are classics, but with a twist. Add lamb meatballs for the Mediterranean scramble for a touch of protein to the eggs, veggies, and basil crema. Gluten-free diners (or heck, anyone) will enjoy the clever carrot pecan waffle served with grilled pineapple. Click here to view the article.

Where to Eat Dinner in Green Hills

Annie Reeves, StyleBlueprint Nashville’s lead writer and associate editor, gives her list of the best places to eat dinner in Green Hills.  Click here to view the article.

The Best Restaurants in Nashville

Nashville is a culinary treasure, known for meat-and-three diners, fiery fried chicken and fluffy biscuits as well as a strong farm-to-table community.  Eat like a local with this guide to some of the best places to eat and drink in Music City.  Click here to read the article.

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