Chef Deb Paquette brings a smaller, more intimate version of sister restaurant Etch to Green Hills; etc. (pronounced et cetera) opened its doors on August 15th, 2016. Contrary to sister restaurant Etch’s minimalist design, etc. provides a swankier vibe in the bright 2400 square-foot space. The 68-seat venue with a 12-seat bar is located in the Atlas Building at 3790 Bedford Ave. etc. serves Paquette’s globally-driven dishes for lunch Monday – Friday and dinner Monday – Saturday. A mid-day menu is served Monday – Friday from 2 – 4pm.

Tucked behind the Mall at Green Hills, etc.’s interior features simply adorned tables, comfortable banquette seating, a large wine and cocktail bar and plenty of open-air seating. Funky light fixtures, striking electric blue, copper and glass accents, and warm woods fill out the intimate space. The design of the restaurant was led by Katie Vance of Powell Architecture + Building Studio and include custom design elements by Redrocks Tileworks, Holler Design, and Hygge & West.

The menus at etc. incorporate all of Deb’s favorite spices, produce, and global recipes. A succinct wine and cocktail menu includes wines from around the world, select craft beer and a handful of culinary-minded cocktails.

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chef deb paquette

Deb Paquette is well known in Nashville where she’s lived and worked for the last thirty plus years. After graduating from the Culinary Institute of America, she became the first woman in Tennessee to qualify as a certified executive chef. She’s been a trailblazer for chefs in the area, a mentor, and consultant to some of Nashville’s best talent. She’s won countless awards and accolades and was the chef/owner of Zola – named in Gourmet Magazine as one of the Top Sixty Restaurants in the United States – where diners flocked to her big, bold flavors for thirteen years.

In 2010, she and her husband, Ernie, closed Zola and headed for the ocean. After stops in the Turks and Caicos Islands, Cape Cod, the Bahamas, and Mexico, the two returned to Nashville. That’s when the owners of Amerigo restaurants made Deb an offer she couldn’t refuse and Etch was born in the summer of 2012.

Four years later, Deb decided to open etc. in the Green Hills neighborhood in August 2016. This smaller, more intimate version of Etch boasts a swanky vibe with a menu that incorporates all of Deb’s favorite spices, produce and global recipes. A succinct wine and cocktail menu includes wines from around the world, select craft beer and a handful of culinary-minded cocktails. etc. serves lunch and dinner to a heavily local crowd that has been dining at Deb’s eateries for many years.

She has no regrets about coming back to Nashville. “This town has supported and appreciated me, and I want to give back,” she says. She loves being downtown in the heart of the city where she can reach locals and destination-hunters alike. “This is what I do, and I will always do this. I just want to make good food that everyone can enjoy.”

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Beloved chef and owner Deb Paquette is known for adding extra unexpected ingredients to create unique dishes, so it’s funny that Etc. (pronounced et cetera) gets its name from omitting something. Her confident pairing of complexity and playfulness is on display at Etc. in brunch, lunch and dinner menus dotted with Korean pulled pork sloppy […]

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  Before Nashville was filled with cocktail bars, award-winning restaurants and hipster-friendly coffee shops, Deb Paquette was on the culinary scene as the first woman in Tennessee to qualify as a certified executive chef. Three decades later, she’s still there, helming the kitchen at her restaurants, Etch and etc., and mentoring a cadre of chefs […]


Chef Deb Paquette has built a loyal legion of fans from her years cooking at local favorites, such as Cakewalk Cafe, Zola, and her current home, Etch. Though the city was all atwitter at the announcement that she had plans to open a second restaurant in Sylvan Park, that project, named Truss, unfortunately never came […]

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  Etc., the latest restaurant concept from chef and restauranteur Deb Paquette, opened on Monday, August 15, 2016 in Green Hills at 3790 Bedford Avenue in the Atlas Building. Etc. (pronounced “et cetera”) is the sister restaurant to Paquette’s renowned restaurant,Etch. Nashville Guru got a look inside the new space.   The intimate, 2,400-square-foot restaurant has room for over 80 […]


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