Meet Nashville Culinary Icon Deb Paquette

“Deb continues to make noise in the local culinary scene, winning spots on countless “best of” lists. … We sat down with Deb to hear about her newest restaurant, her favorite sources of inspiration, and her best cooking tips.” Read more here.

New Years Day Brunch with Deb Paquette

Paquette shares her approach to New Years Day brunch with a twist on tradition.

Read more (and get the recipe for Deb’s New Years Day Hushpuppy Bread Pudding) here.

Where to Eat in Green Hills

Green Hills is a bustling area known for mall and boutique shopping, as well as its traffic — but the culinary offerings should not be overlooked. This map covers a few of the top spots in the neighborhood.

5 Simple Ways To Cook Yellow Squash

“I was raised on yellow squash and grandma made it best,” says Chef Deb Paquette, chef/owner at etch and etc. in Nashville. “There is nothing better than a freshly picked squash—the flavor is heaven.” Ready to start cooking? Read more here.

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