People like to bitch about Green Hills and its traffic. Yes, it's congested a lot of the time but truth be told I love living in this area and since I've lived here for 12 years the traffic doesn't really bug me. What I do think is a flaw to this area is a serious lack of good, local fine dining restaurants. Emphasis on good. However that's all changed - well-known and respected local chef Deb Paquette (etch) has opened a new restaurant in Green Hills. Called etc., It's a lot like etch but cozier and, most importantly, right around the corner from me. The food is signature Deb with lots of texture, color and flavor to each dish. etc. serves different menus for lunch and dinner. If you're a fan of the desserts at etch, you'll be happy to know that Megan Williams is still heading up pastries at etc. so you know you won't be disappointed. Lunch highlights: the Tuna & Watermelon salad was probably my favorite. I shared it with my lunch date but its plenty if you want to order it for yourself for lunch. I hope this stays on the menu for a while because it's delicious. The New Orleans flatbread shrimp sammie, in spite of it being called a sammie, was also delicious and my Patty Melt (not pictured. Made with a Bear Creek Farm burger, bacon, cheese, secret sauce, mushrooms, onions, pickles on white bread) was a substantial main. We bumped into friends while there and they recommend the Indian Chicken Tacos. Take a look at their lunch menu here. Dinner highlights: The Husband and I ordered the Vietnamese shortribs and the bread & butter duo appetizer to start. The Husband ordered the steak which was massive and so delicious. Because I rarely skip a good seafood dish, I ordered the Portuguese Ravioli Ensopado. That one was shrimp, scallops, mussels and fish piled atop a giant pulled pork ravioli. It was almost like a bouillabaisse, the shellfish were super fresh and plump and I wouldn't hesitate to order it again the next time I go. Other items that come highly recommended are the grilled tuna and the Fowl Trio. View etc's dinner menu here.
Cucumber truffle butter on the left, smoked vinegar on the right. I wanted to eat both with a spoon.
etc. is now open Monday - Friday 11am - 2pm, Monday - Thursday 5pm - 10pm for dinner and Friday - Saturday 5pm - 10:30pm for dinner. They provide valet parking if you can't find any parking either on the street or in the lot at the rear of the building. If you're concerned about traffic, it's accessible from the back roads so open up a map and make life easier for yourself. For a closer look inside etc. visit Nashville Guru or just go ahead and make your reservations online and go see for yourself. Be sure to check out the really sexy tile on the walls too while you're there! Happy eating! etc.  |  3790 Bedford Ave., Nashville 37215|
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