Eat Drink Nashville: Back to school

If you're a family with kids, you're trying to hide that smile as they board the big yellow bus of joy. If you're in college, you're back on campus with old friends and new as you navigate life away from your parents. In other words, it's time to celebrate with a great meal. If you've been away or were just sleeping all summer, you'll find a lot of new dining options. And guess what? There are more on the way. So let's dig in. There's a whisper of cooler temperatures and football's around the corner. — Jim Myers, Food & Drink columnist Etcetera, etcetera, etcetera The godmother of Nashville's chef scene, Deb Paquette, has opened up her latest venture, calling it Etc. as a play on the name of her downtown spot, Etch. Get it? Etc. gives you a new excuse, besides shopping of course, and our love of traffic, to head to Green Hills. Read more about it here. Sisters with a twist Alexis and Britt, the fabulous Soler sisters who brought us No. 308 in East Nashville and then Old Glory near Vanderbilt just got on an impressive list. Great. Now everyone's going to want to come here. Check it out. Barbershop bar It's a bar. It's a barbershop. It's a bar in a barbershop. Okay, it's not a turducken, so don't act like it's that crazy. And before you even ask, yes it's in Wedgewood Houston. Find your shot and shave here. Hut one, hut two, hike We love it when they call restaurants "huts," like the old China Hut in Brentwood. Now we have an Indian version serving dosas, the wonderful thin, rolled pancakes stuffed with all kinds of spicy goodness. And you'll never guess what they're calling it. What's the word? Not Thunderbird. Ms. Cheap got her moniker because Ms. Booze was already taken, but that doesn't stop her from sussing out some good wine bargains. Bask in the fermented fruit of her labors and you might find a tasty deal or three. Get the scoop here. Mellow Mushroom It's almost patio weather again, at least the kind where you're clothes don't stick. One restaurant is adding a rooftop dining area downtown, where you can mellow out and enjoy the view. Find out where it's going here. Farm to burger Charlotte Pike's getting another gourmet beef patty place to join Flip Burger along the rapidly evolving corridor. It's called Farm Burger because the name Feed Lot Burger just doesn't sit well with a lot of folks. Look for it to open next month.   Full Article Here
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